Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday March 17, 2013

Today after our Church Service, our church and many others, honored Geoff Botkin.  Jim and Kym Miller and his family instigated this special honoring.  Dr. Cham Dallas spoke about Honoring your elders.  We presented him with a new F350 Ford Van.  It was a good day in the Lord.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday March 14, 2013

We started working on our Whizbang Chicken Plucker this day.  We got part of the frame started.  It looks like we now have all the parts, after another trip to Lowes and tractor supply.  We have some old hens and some newer roosters that we need to slaughter into stew birds.  We hope to do some meat birds this spring, Lord willing.

Friday March 15, 2013

Today our family worked on a Thank you video for one of our Elders in our church.  It will be used to honor him on Sunday March 17, 2013.

Friday evening we went to the sweet  home of Randy & Robin Pope.  We enjoyed a great dinner with them and their delightful children.  Tiffany played the guitar and sang songs to us after the meal.

Saturday March 16, 2013 Establishing Post

Today Isaac, Valor and Daddy dug and planted three fence post in the field where the smaller hay barn is.  We will relocate our two cows into this field in the coming weeks.  We may also may put a dairy cown in this field.