Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday January 10, 2011

Today was a big day for the Shough Family. It was the finalization adoption hearing for Valor Reformanda Shough. It was in the judges chamber at the Duval County Courthouse. The judge was the Honorable Lance Day. His first case as a judge, when he was sworn in, many years ago, was an adoption. His is very fond of families adopting children. He welcomed us taking pictures, asking questions, and taking our time in his chamber. Judy Setzer was the attorney, and Glenda from the adoption agency were both onsite. It was a short 15 minute hearing and the judge ruled favorably for us. The Lord had already prepared the way. Here are some pictures of the day. After the hearing we met Shona's mom, Tallulah, her sister Tresha, and her grandma Doris at Biscotti's Restaurant in Jacksonville.

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